We present you our products with their complete description, because for Depot®, transparency in communication is just as important as quality. Get to know the story behind the products, the ingredients, how to use them and other information on products for hair and beard.

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23 April 2021

The styling product for medium to long hair

Keeping medium to long hair in check is not always easy, whether it’s because we’re busy, the weather is...

09 April 2021

The best product against hair loss

How can you counteract hair loss? Tackle the problem from the root with the invigorating treatment by DEPOT®THE MALE...

26 February 2021

Problem-free medium-long beard with this nourishing oil

A well-kept beard is nourished by a specific conditioning oil Beards that women like (link articolo correlato) and satisfy...

18 February 2021

How to cleanse beards with the perfect shampoo

A specific cleanser is the best product to have for beards and moustaches: you’ll love this shampoo by Depot®...

09 February 2021

How do you get rid of dandruff? The right shampoo is a good start

To counteract this unpleasant disorder, start by cleansing with a specific and effective DEPOT® product. According to various statistics,...

23 December 2020

Men’s Skincare: new rituals using face creams, masks & more

An essential, targeted, efficient routine to take care of male skin. Here is some sound grooming advice.

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