21 January 2022 | THE KING'S HAIRSTYLE

Let’s welcome the new SHINY WAX by DEPOT.

Discover the new hair wax that will give your style what you need to shine with charm.

There’s a first time for everything, and DEPOT® The Male Tools & Co. is launching its first shiny wax to create unique wet hairlooks. NO. 314 SHINY HAIR WAX is a next-generation wax for people who love wet hairstyles and want to have a more refined look.

WHAT IS IT?: a semi-compact wax with medium hold, to define the hairstyle as desired.

TELL ME WHY: usually waxes make styles last longer and help to give styles shape, control, definition and direction with ease and precision, whilst respecting the hair, which is put in place but also protected due to the active ingredients within the formula.

Why choose NO. 314 SHINY HAIR WAX? The new keyword for this brand-new hair wax by DEPOT: shine.

I LIKE IT: its formula gives shine when finishing a hairstyle.

GOOD INSIDE:  aloe vera juice, regenerating, hydrating and soothing;

sunflower seed oil, emollient and nourishing;

a blend of balanced fixative polymers to give hold.

PLEASE NOTE: its high-quality ingredients allow this wax to not only sculpt your hair with your own unique personality, but also protect your hair from external aggressors.

HOW TO: it’s super-easy. Take a small quantity of product, work it between the hands and then distribute over damp or dry hair to get the desired look.

DON’T: avoid it if you want a dry look or if you want to be a man who looks like he doesn’t use styling products. Personal tastes aside (whether wet or dry), it’s important to remember that a matte effect works on fine or thinning hair, because it helps the hair look fuller, making the whole head of hair look thicker.

NEVER FORGET: finding the best product to keep your style in place depends on the style you want but also the hair type. Fine hair needs medium-low hold, so something that keeps hair in place without drying out the hair. Thick or coarse hair needs strong hold to be able to better work the hair and customise the hairstyle.