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21 January 2022

Let’s welcome the new SHINY WAX by DEPOT.

Discover the new hair wax that will give your style what you need to shine with charm. There’s a...

21 January 2022


Once, there was gel. This could be the beginning of the story that started off the rapid ascension of...

14 January 2022

Hold on tight: the new FIXING POMADE by DEPOT has landed.

If you need to give strong hold and definition to your look, the brand-new NO. 315 FIXING POMADE, will...

26 February 2021

Why do women love men with beards?

Beards as seen by women In the past 10-15 years, European cities have literally been (re)populated with barbershops. Barbers...

21 January 2021

Short curly hair: how you should wear it

Men’s curly hair styles have a natural charm, but require a certain amount of care to stay charming. There...

17 December 2020

History and facts on the iconic barber chair

How has the barber changed over the centuries? History and evolution of an ancient profession seen through the evolution...

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