26 February 2021 | THE KING'S HAIRSTYLE

Why do women love men with beards?

Beards as seen by women

In the past 10-15 years, European cities have literally been (re)populated with barbershops. Barbers were important members of society for many men during the past century, but had disappeared for a short time, substituted by a new male image that was more clean-cut, shiny and new. As trends came back round, beards have not only come back in fashion, but have become a status symbol for winning men. Men who wear medium-long beards nowadays are not just men from a defined age group: from the under ‘30’s to the over 40’s-50’s, beards have become part of a style as much as an expensive watch or tie. But wait a minute, we are not talking about the trend from 10 years ago, with a really unkempt, almost “just got out of bed” look with a messy beard, that was cool at the time. No. In 2020 we’re talking about “beard design”. A designed beard is what men want. Sculpted to perfection, accurately designed like a collection piece. But what do women have to say?

According to statistics on this theme which were published online, 65% of women prefer men with beards, but beards must be well-kept and defined. The genetic history that characterises women and men states that men are attracted to the curves and softness of the female body, whereas women feel safe with strong, virile men. Beards are a symbol of masculinity and virility. But social and cultural change have characterised the current millennium, where gender is constantly being discussed, and symbols of femininity and masculinity are no longer seen as they used to be. This is why beards have become more defined, shaped to perfection just like a sculpture, something that is pleasing to the eye. Statistics also show that 33% of Italian women would appreciate a softer beard that’s not too long. 28% on the other hand like semi-thick beards with good structure. Barbers agree: this kind of shave helps round faces to look longer and more attractive.

And there’s more. One of the reasons why women love men with a face that’s framed by a beard is that they appear more reliable. According to women, men who are capable of and enjoy taking care of themselves are the best kinds of companion to have.

There are aspects connected to trends, social change, the perception of personal hygiene, but also psychological aspects connected to the different range of emotions of women and men. All this make men with good beards very desirable for women. Experts remind us however that not all beard shapes suit everyone. The risk of making it grow without having expert advice from a barber the beard can look scruffy and incompatible with the features of the face.

The sexiest Hollywood stars are always the best at wearing a designed beard that makes women swoon. Ryan Reynolds became more attractive when he grew out his beard, so much so that Blake Lively decided to marry him and have two children with him. Chris Pine, who played James T. Kirk in “Star Trek”, is very popular among women because of his short, defined beard. David Beckham, ex-footballer and sex symbol, made his well-kept short blond beard a part of his style that has been imitated by many footballers and sportsmen. Johnny Depp cannot be missed from the beard podium, one of the most-loved men of Hollywood, who from Jack Sparrow then changed his style hundreds of times and is still breaking hearts with his charm, moustache and beard.

It’s not the length that matters. Women like men who have beards that are well-kept and shaven with care. It’s reassuring, reliable, soft enough to touch, an element of virility as much as vanity, which men are allowed to have these days.