16 December 2021 | DEPOT TIPS

STRESS-CODE, is the real gentleman always capable of remaining calm?

Gentlemen and emotions, what does etiquette say? There’s an infinite number of suggestions, decalogues, manuals and rules to appear polite and educated and gain the title of gentleman. Let’s try and sum up the best practices of how a gentleman should behave to be the best man he can be in any situation. Or at least give it a try!

Men of integrity

A gentleman doesn’t make people wait. He doesn’t get anxious about being late because being late is not an option. He has learned to organise every detail of his day and to develop the necessary aplomb to face any last-minute changes. Just like a good doctor, he’s always got a few hours of “free-time” during the week to get himself out of any hiccups, and still be able to get to each appointment a little early. Is this really possible? Perhaps, if we all become James Bond (and most of all, if we can count on the help of a very efficient Miss Money Penny!).

A gentleman is also a master of self-control; no situation makes him lose his marbles. Raising his voice, or bouts of rage or irritation, are simply not allowed… rage/anger/disappointment are put to one side. A gentleman is not afraid to express his opinion, even if it differs to those around him, but he always does so politely, without judgement, and without offending anyone.

Nothing out of place

The real gentleman always looks you in the eye when he meets you. This gives off confidence, but also respect and politeness. But that’s not enough: the gaze must always be direct, honest, transparent and deep, but in the right measure, avoiding appearing overly curious, judgemental, or even inquisitive.

A timeless trick and some fun facts

According to many manuals and experts, one of the secrets to recognise a gentleman is to observe their way of dealing with service staff. If for example he treats a waiter coldly, rudely or authoritatively, whether it’s in a small-town café or a 5-star hotel, he is immediately excluded from being a gentleman. Red card!

The fun fact, on the other hand, comes from the pages of British magazine Country Life, which states that gentlemen must always be capable of growing a rose. And even better, taking care of a dog.

A genteel mood

We feel we belong to a softer mood, just like the textures of many of our beauty products for hair and beard! Soft means that being a gentleman doesn’t mean being perfect, but rather, being authentic. We believe in being polite, genteel, loyal, charming, honest; we believe in good manners and values. We love men who respect others naturally and know how to play with kids, talk to them and make them have fun even in mundane contexts of everyday life.

We love men who build their own culture day by day through reading, studying, going to the movies, to the theatre, to exhibitions, but also simply through observing the world around them and listening to the people they meet. This range of knowledge is not shown off with arrogance but shared lightly and spontaneously, because beauty is good for everyone. To be educated means being sensitive, intelligent and having spirit, which are virtues that should be nurtured with care.

Real gentlemen know they aren’t perfect, recognise when they have made a mistake and don’t take themselves too seriously, in fact they have an elegant way of laughing at themselves. Finally, gentlemen know they don’t know it all, and aren’t afraid to admit it, because being humble increases a man’s status, like a famous Italian writer once stated.