18 February 2021 | DEPOT TIPS

How to cleanse beards with the perfect shampoo

A specific cleanser is the best product to have for beards and moustaches: you’ll love this shampoo by Depot®

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It is forbidden to cleanse beards with the same shampoo used for hair! A well-kept beard gives great satisfaction, and at the heart of all beard treatments, there is undoubtedly a specific cleansing product for beards which can be used every day.  We present you the hydrating and purifying shampoo by Depot®, as well as some tips on how to best cleanse beards.



Ingredients: delicate surfactants, a balanced mix of innovative cleansing agents for a balanced cleanse; mint essential oil, refreshing and invigorating; aloe vera extract, restorative, soothing and regenerating for the skin; Pro-Vitamin B5, regenerating and conditioning.

Use: dampen the beard with warm or hot water, work a small amount of shampoo between the hands and apply to the beard. How should a beard be cleansed? Lather through, especially in the root area of the hairs, and particularly over the moustache area, then rinse thoroughly. Finally, pat clean with a cotton towel and if necessary, finish drying with a blow-dryer. 

Loved because: ideal for cleansing (even on a daily basis), this beard shampoo purifies deeply without drying the skin, leaving a fresh and delicate fragrance. Furthermore, it is a simple and essential part of any “maintenance” routine to help beards grow looking their best.

Facts on beard shampoo: beard cleansing with soap is an ancient ritual and traces of this can be found in books written centuries ago, as for example in Don Quixote by Cervantes. But why is it so important to do so, and to also use a specific shampoo for beards? Research has found that day after day, beards hold onto a lot more impurities and bacteria that can only be removed with adequate cleansing. The need for a specific shampoo is given by the different pH of the skin of the face compared to the scalp, therefore a more delicate cleanser is needed in order to not dry out the skin and thus stimulate sebum production, which could create a rebound effect.

Associated products: after cleansing, it’s good practice to apply a few drops of N0. 505 CONDITIONING BEARD OIL, a conditioning oil that gives control and shine to beards with its emollient and nourishing ingredients, or NO.502 BEARD & MOUSTACHE BUTTER, a nourishing butter to soften, define and give shine to beards and moustaches.