09 February 2021 | DEPOT TIPS

How do you get rid of dandruff? The right shampoo is a good start

To counteract this unpleasant disorder, start by cleansing with a specific and effective DEPOT® product.

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According to various statistics, dandruff affects about half of the world population, with a higher incidence in men. This means that more than half of the men you know could be affected by this annoying disorder, but why? The most accredited hypothesis says that it is male hormones that make the difference: androgens stimulate the production of sebum in the scalp the most, and excess sebum is the condition that mostly leads to dandruff. To counteract it, we present the DEPOT® intensive action cream shampoo for dandruff.



Ingredients: delicate and SLES-free surfactants for balanced cleansing; plant complex with copaifera extract and Brazil nut oil, active in the controlling dandruff; zinc pyrithione with an anti-dandruff and sebum-normalizing action; skin protective allantoin; extracts of arnica, rosemary, nettle, sage and orange, with a purifying, toning and soothing action; Pro-vitamin B5 to regenerate scalp and hair; sorbitol, which supports the hydration of scalp and hair; essential oils of lemon, field mint and juniper, with antioxidant and scalp conditioning actions.

Use: it is distributed evenly over the damp scalp and lathered via massage with circular movements. It is advisable to leave the shampoo on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing, so as to allow the active ingredients to act more effectively.

It’s loved because: it is a specific and effective anti-dandruff treatment, but also easy to use as it does not require a more complex or demanding haircare routine than usual. After use, it leaves a fresh and pleasant scent on the scalp and hair thanks to the botanical extracts and essential oils of lemon, mint and juniper contained in its formula.

Facts about anti-dandruff shampoo: copaifera extract is among the main ingredients, a large and majestic tree from the Amazon forest whose virtues have been known since ancient times. Resins are extracted from its bark, often also referred to as copaiba, which have anti-inflammatory properties and are particularly useful for treating mycosis and peeling of the skin. Very few other medicinal plants can boast the tradition and the vastness of applications of the copaifera, and even today the South American “curanderos” use it to find the solution for every skin problem.

Combine with: after each wash, it is good to apply a conditioner such as NO.201 REFRESHING CONDITIONER DEPOT® THE MALE TOOLS & CO. for a soothing and toning action on the scalp and to give hydration and softness to the hair. However, if, in addition to dandruff, there is also an excess of sebum, it may be useful to alternate the cream shampoo with NO.102 ANTI-DANDRUFF & SEBUM CONTROL SHAMPOO DEPOT® THE MALE TOOLS & CO., with a dual action that cleanses dandruff and balances scalp and hair.