Any HAIR STYLE needs a styling product to make it last. The hair’s shape lasts longer still if the hair is healthy and protected with active ingredients that give hold but also protect the hair. Control, definition, direction and shine or matte are styling keywords.

Styling is just as important for men.

Two new styling products have been added to the 300 – HAIRSTYLING range!

The new DEPOT®  NO. 314 SHINY HAIR WAX, the first shining wax that helps to create wet looks!

Discover the new DEPOT®  NO. 315 FIXING POMADE, the strong hold pomade to make your style last all day long!


Shine or matte?
Medium or strong hold?

Whatever your style, quality ingredients are paramount in any hair wax.

DEPOT® 300 – HAIRSTYLING PRODUCTS will help to give definition to any look and help you create any hair look result: matte or shiny, medium hold or extreme hold, and the amount of volume you need.  

In just a few steps you can create the style you want, anytime!


Your style, no matter what!

If you’re looking for new hair styling support, look no further that the 300 – HAIR STYLING range!

An entire product range to give control, definition, direction, shine or matte effects to your hair!

Simple products with HIGH EFFICACY that help you create any style you want. DEPOT® products don’t just shape and define your style, the formulas leave hair healthy and hydrated.


Shaping waxes and pomades with different grades of softness which are easy to apply. You’ll feel the texture and volume of your hair transform instantly in your hands.

For an impeccable style with shape and definition, choose from gels, pastes, or pomades… in the 300 HAIRSTYLING range you’ll find the perfect product for your style!

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