During public events organised for/by and/or sponsored by concept srl, it is possible that images be taken of the participants and that these images eventually be shared through websites owned by concept srl and/or social media handles managed by concept srl, as well as printed materials or other media. This collection of images will be done whilst respecting the safeguarding of the dignity of the people present, and the collection and sharing of images of minors will be avoided as much as possible by concept srl.

When the number of people present at the event is high, this makes it impossible for concept srl to collect single release forms and authorisations for the use of images. Therefore, concept srl has created this information sheet.
Whenever possible, and if possible during the organisation of the event, the event will be organised by preparing and communicating areas and/or time slots where images will not be collected. In so doing, the company hopes to safeguard those people who wish to participate in the event who do not want their image to be collected or be subject to the process of sharing.

OWNER OF DATA: concept srl
Headquarters: Via Brodolini 30, Malnate tel. 0332 425747, e-mail [email protected]
Objective of release form: to collect photos, videos and/or images and/or sounds for promotional activities during the course of public organised and/or sponsored events in which concept srl may take part.

The partecipant or parent/guardian authorises concept srl and its collaborators to freely make and use photos and sound/video recordings that illustrate the participant, releasing all rights on such images in order to allow these images to be published and used during organised and/or sponsored public events in which concept srl may be involved; the photos and videos may be used in any format or adaptation during post-production, even in combination with images of other participants in these events. This authorisation is given without time and/or territorial limitations and must also refer to the reproduction, publication and sharing of the image of the participant, even via print, TV, websites or social media channels/handles used for the event. This authorisation is given freely, renouncing any kind of compensation for the rights given and releasing concept srl and the employees authorised to make these video recordings during the course of the event of any responsibility of the use of such images, names and voices of participants, respecting the norms within this release form. concept srl guarantees that the material as described in this release form, will not contain anything that violates the law, rules or third party rights. This authorisation does not allow for the use of images in contexts which compromise personal dignity and decency, and in any case, for reasons and/or uses that differ to those mentioned within this document.


The provided personal data will be used by concept srl for the following purposes:
a. The aforementioned purposes, photographic and/or audio-visual material, images and/or sounds for promotional activities for the event


For the purpose indicated in point a. the period of time that data is held is unlimited as the data will be part of an archive held by concept srl; times/criteria for holding such data are defined in detail in the data register, and upon request specific times can be communicated.


By collecting personal data that can, directly or indirectly, identify you, we try to respect a “strictly necessary” basis and guarantee the confidentiality of the data. For this reason, we only use data necessary for purpose. This data will be held in paper form and automatic form by the offices of the departments of concept srl in the methods and limits necessary to pursue the aforementioned purposes and will be transmitted to those persons indicated in the paragraph Receivers. In particular, sensitive data will not be required.


The ceding of data for the objectives in point a. is compulsory. The lack of consent will not allow the person to take part in the public event (or that part of the event where the collection of images and/or audio-visual material for promotional reasons will take place). concept S.r.l.RELEASE FORM AND PRIVACY INFORMATION FOR PUBLIC EVENTMIOP P2-7.0


The legal basis of the collection of data is represented by REG EU 2016/679 and national legislation concerning data protection and copyright.


Data can be accessed by concept srl personnel for marketing, administrative or organisational purposes.
Furthermore, because of their job and tasks and the purposes mentioned in point a), the data can be shared with third parties such as photographers, videomakers and other professionals hired by the company, studio assistants, hairstylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists and whenever necessary data will be shared with employees, collaborators and other managers outside of the location where the event is held.

For the purposes indicated in point a. above, the data can be communicated to:

• Managers and employees hired for the management of IT systems, the user data can be used by personnel of third parties that operate as external managers of data used by concept srl and/or system administrators, or persons nominated as such who adopt measures to ensure the confidentiality of data and data protection.

• Partner companies to events and projects, or persons who supply support services for the management of promotional and marketing activities; persons whose data must be communicated by law or regulations.

• Persons to whom data must be communicated for legal or regulatory reasons. In the limits pertinent to the aforementioned objectives of data use, your data (video recordings / voice recordings / images) can be subject to publication and/or sharing in any shape or form on websites owned by concept srl, concept srl social media channels/handles ( (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) and/or any other means for media sharing. The list of external persons who use the data on behalf of the Company can be made available through this email [email protected]. The access to this data is subjected to an evaluation of legitimacy of the request.


Your personal data will be used with automised devices on a “strictly necessary” basis, avoiding the use of such data should the same needs be met using anonymous data or other methods. We have adopted specific safety measures to prevent the loss, illicit or incorrect use of personal data and unauthorised access.


Even if all of the persons who deal with personal data on behalf of concept srl as external managers of personal data are within the European Union, in the future it could be necessary to confer such data to persons outside of the EU, in countries that do not guarantee an adequate level of protection of persona data according to Privacy Law/European Reg. for data protection RE. EU 679/2016 and concept will only transfer data outside of the EU after having implemented the precautions established by Privacy Law and EU Regs. And after having obtained the necessary guarantees and permission of involved parties.


According to art. 7 of D. Lgs. 196/2003 and articles numbered 15 to 22 of current Regulations, you have the following rights:

• To ask for confirmation of the existence of personal data;

• To obtain information on how data is used, the categories of personal data, the receivers or categories of receivers to whom personal data has been or could be sent to and, whenever possible, for how long;

• To correct or delete data; to limit the use of data;

• To obtain the portability of data, in other words, to obtain the data from the owner of the data in a structured format of common use that is readable by an automated device, and can be transmitted to another owner without impediments; concept S.r.l.RELEASE FORM AND PRIVACY INFORMATION FOR PUBLIC EVENTMIOP P2-7.0
To oppose the use of personal data at any time, even in the case of use for marketing purposes; To oppose the automised decision process related to physical persons, including profiling To ask the owner of the data to access personal data, modify or delete the data, or limit the way it is used or be opposed to the use of such data, as well as the right to data portability; Revoke the consent at any time without affecting the legality of the use of the data based on the consent giving before revoking consent. These rights can be applied by writing to [email protected], specifying the subject of the request, the right that the person wishes to apply, and attaching a photocopy of a form of identification that will legitimise the request.
CLAUSE FOR COMPLAINTThe interested party has the right to file a complaint to the authorities in their country of residence. For more information on filing complaints, please visit this link:
REQUEST FOR CLARIFICATIONIn the case of doubt, requests for clarification or any other concern regarding the use of personal data, the interested party can contact the reference privacy department via telephone (int. +39 0332 425747) or via email [email protected].

published: October 2019