For each STYLING and each hair type, to give a duration to the look created, a styling product is a must. The creation of the shape is achieved in the most simple and lasting way with a greater respect of the hair fiber thanks to protective actives not just hold. Control, definition, direction, brightness or contrary matte effects, are the keywords.

NO. 309

Soft hold matte volumizing powder. Gives volume and structure to any hairstyle. Helps to create textures for any hair type, especially on fine, thin hair that naturally has less volume. Formulated with natural silica in micronized powder, it gives a matte appearance and body to the hair, for a texturizing result with greater volume.


Natural silica in micronized powder, a silica polymer, it gives a matte appearance and body to the hair
Glycerin, a humectant, supports the moisture level of the hair, keeping it soft, flexible and manageable

Direction of use:

sprinkle over dry hair and style.

7 g